About me

Apprenticeship in the hotel industry, self-employed with a restaurant, CEO of my parent’s shoe-shop, product-manager for a shoe label, studied marketing and worked for several years as an assistant to the Vice-President in the pharmaceutical industry. Every job was good and I had fantastic colleagues. Still there was the feeling: This couldn’t be all there is to life. But I didn’t know what I really wanted.

Then I met my mentor Martin Sage, coach and psychologist from the US. He developed an outstanding method in discovering and bringing forward the potential of people.

So I began to work with professional communication- and coaching-tools.

Appreciation in communication is the key to success in your personal and business life. It creates trust and credibility and brings you energy so that everybody wins.

In my trainings and private sessions you realize plugged in patterns that hinder you and slow you down. You get powerful tools with which you can recreate your life and environment.


  • more enthusiasm in your daily life

  • more harmony in your personal life

  • more success in your profession

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